Eightball Planner

Project History

The Eightball Plannings-tool has been developed at the Computer Science institute of the Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, in The Netherlands. We are students, who worked for the Saxion Software Services devision. In these projects, we learn to work with 'Team Software Process', and 'Quality Management Systems'.

Eightball has been developped by several groups. The first projectgroup created the first initial version. That version used a database to store the files, and didn't have a nice User Interface. Alex Kuiper was the project leader of this version. He has been the client of version two and three.

The second group converted the database into XML, and fixed a lot of bugs. The code of the second version has been changed by 'Saxion Software Services', to fix an XML bug, and Alex Kuiper improved the project a lot too. He changed the user interface again, improved the usability of the program.

We, team ihs4e, integrated these two branches of Eightball. We've added support for multiple projects, and added an MDI interface, toolbars, and improved the look and feel a lot. At this point, the project has been published to the open source community. Everyone is invited to improve this program, the orginal author of the program doesn't have the time to work on this program, and we hope this open source publication will be usefull for other people too. ;-)

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